19 January 2013 : Frustrations…

Melinda thinks we are being communicated to by some force in the universe today. She says she isn’t sure of the message, but it may have something to do with learning how dependent we’ve become on technology. ZokaYou see, at 9:30 this morning, while she was away at a workout class and I was home online, the Internet went out. And after 2 hours of troubleshooting with our ISP, it’s still out and may not be back for a while. Given I had just posted some new ads on CraigsList and intended to get caught up on school email over the holiday weekend, I’m frustrated right now.

Perhaps that’s the lesson. To practice patience or to focus on setting better priorities.

Add in that the illness I hinted at in last night’s posting has now hit me harder and my crankiness is increasing.

Maybe I’m supposed to go to bed. Although if that’s the lesson, then what am I doing at Zoka’s, a coffeehouse not far from home with “free” Wifi?

Your thoughts?

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