28 January 2013 : The Value of $1.12

Dan Gillmore, this post is for you.

Gump and a Dollar TwelveBack in 1975, I was a high bidder on an original 1955 Topps hockey card of Lorne “Gump” Worsley, one a lot like what I’ve used as today’s photo. I was 12 years-old and I bid on the card through a magazine of sports auctions called “The Trader Speaks.” I was first going to bid $1.00 but my brothers, who were helping me, said that’s what other interested bidders would think and suggested I bid $1.01. But then they said that $1.01 was what other bidders would think so they said I should bid $1.02. This went on and on until I finally settled on my bid, $1.12.

I won the auction, my first as a hockey card collector.

On eBay over the weekend I saw that a reprint of that card was up for auction. I got it today for 99 cents. So while my original from 1955 was long ago sold and used to help finance Melinda’s and my first house, I’ll soon have a reprint. Maybe I’ll use it as a bookmark. Certainly it’s part of a great story.

Your thoughts?

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