7 February 2013 : Portraits

I’ve long gotten a kick at how kids draw pictures of me. For instance, today’s image. It was drawn by one of my students many years ago, Andy, circa 1992back when I was a teacher at The Little School (this means it was way back last century, probably in or around 1992). I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding the drawing, but I do remember asking the 10 or 11 year-old artist if I could have the picture. I think she was flattered that I wanted it.

A year or two after PSCS got started, probably in 1995 or 1996, I was making my first personal webpage and included this picture of me on it. And, say, want to know one more thing that I love about it? A few days before it was drawn I was playing basketball and had taken an elbow in the eye, giving me a shiner. The young artist even included a hint of that black eye in her drawing. See it?

Your thoughts?

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