13 February 2013 : They’re Playing Our Song

Is there a song that you and your partner identify as “yours?” For Melinda and me, we kinda-sorta used to say it was the classic “Blue Moon” since we were married on a blue moon.Collecting Rocks But it never really stuck.

A few years ago we both found ourselves drawn to a song called “Collecting Rocks” by a somewhat unknown musician who goes by the name Super XX Man. The writer and singer, Scott Garred, tells a lovely little story about his grandparents’ relationship, specifically about them collecting rocks.

On my birthday that year I came home to find that Melinda had gathered a number of decorative rocks, written the song’s refrain on them (one word per rock) and laid them out in our house for me to find. We keep the rocks in a bowl in our bedroom, a tribute to our relationship.

And without a doubt, we know what “our” song is.

Your thoughts?

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