13 March 2013 : Highest Human Calling

I learned in college that holographic images can be recorded on glass.

Chloe & Andy, Feb '96

Chloe & Andy, Feb ’96

Looking at them, they appear 3-D despite being in 2-D form, and seen from different angles give you the look of seeing the image from different perspectives. Further, if the glass that holds the image is broken, each piece contains the whole image. It’s not like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that have to be reassembled to form a whole. Each piece CONTAINS the whole. Learn more here.

My belief is that each person is one piece of glass of a broken hologram, each of us containing the whole. Our job as individuals is to contribute positively to the whole, doing our part to reunite or repair it through positive, conscious action.

That’s the highest human calling.

Your thoughts?

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