1 January 2014 – 23 Years!

010114Yesterday was Melinda’s and my 23rd anniversary. A lot has happened in those 23 years! A couple of kids, a school, something to do with kindness. Most importantly, it’s been a heck of a marriage so far. And if we make it to the end of 2014 (you never can tell…), it will be 24 years. The year after that, 25. That’s right, I can add.

By one.

Melinda set it up for us to spend the night at a swanky hotel in downtown Seattle called the Inn at the Market (as in the Pike Place Market). We had a late New Year’s Eve dinner at a nearby French restaurant called Le Pichet. We were there from 10:15 until about 1:30, the last customers to leave. The staff were very kind to us, encouraging us to stay as they cleaned up and even giving me a Poire William and Melinda a cognac at a little past 1am in celebration of our anniversary.


The photo here is one taken yesterday by Ella just before Chloe drove us into town. The painting behind us was completed by my Internet artist friend Fish Astronaut at my request for Melinda’s and my anniversary. It’s based on a drawing he made for us, and of us, while we were in France.

Your thoughts?

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