26 December 2014 : Marais Walking Tour

For our final full day in Paris, Melinda and I engaged in a 2 hour walking tour of the Marais, the neighborhood in Paris in which we are staying. I found the tour online and thought it would be a nice, touristy way to wrap up our two weeks in Paris. Besides, it didn’t cost anything, it wasn’t raining (although it is chilly), and it would be a good way to get some exercise.

Inside the Hôtel de Sully garden, Step 7 of the walking tour.
Inside the Hôtel de Sully garden, Step 7 of the walking tour.

If you are interested in taking the tour virtually, follow this link. We followed it pretty much to the letter, link by link. Of great interest to me, Café l’Escurial, the restaurant my grandmother and ate at several times when we came to Paris in 1981, is at the Rue des Francs Bourgeois & the Rue de Turenne, right near the end of the tour. I blogged about that on October 25, 2010.

In terms of the exercise, Melinda’s FitBit told us we walked around 7000 steps while on our tour. So to keep up, you may want to visit the website while on a treadmill or something.

Regarding what’s coming next, we leave in the morning for Nantes, taking the TGV. I’m really excited to get to Nantes, as I always am. Melinda’s and my anniversary is next Wednesday and it looks like it might involve as many as three other couples participating in a progressive dinner. Fun!

In the bad news department, both Melinda and Chloe are now feeling pretty crummy (Ella is hanging in there, she with the flu vaccine). Melinda wasn’t going to stay in today on our last day in Paris, but Chloe chose to do so. But Melinda did miss out on going with Chloe, Ella, and me to the late show playing at the nearby movie theatre last night. We saw “Gone Girl” and were mesmerized by it. An odd movie to be watching on Christmas night, but, man, what a thriller.

Your thoughts?

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