30 December 2014 : A Good Day

Here’s what I did today. Keep in mind, I did these things in Nantes, which makes them all the sweeter.

The route of my run this morning.
The route of my run this morning.
I went for a 7.5 mile run this morning. This took me from Commerce, the center of the city, all the way along the Erdre to the Jonelière Bridge at the north end of the town, the bridge I regularly crossed in the summer when we stayed at the Boudeau’s. I ran across it and along the other side of the Erdre back to where I started. This took me just over an hour and I felt pretty darn good. As you might know, I haven’t been doing much running due to an injured Achilles tendon. But it’s getting better and better!

After my run, I finished up a 52 week kindness curriculum I was asked to create for a project of the Intelligent Optimist magazine. I sent it off and have already heard back about how pleased they are with it. I’ll be using it myself as part of my Kind Living work in 2015.

Part of the Christmas decorations inside Atlantis.
Part of the Christmas decorations inside Atlantis.
Having finished that, I rode Line 1 of the Nantes tramway out to Atlantis, the shopping center in the western part of town. The large Decathlon store where I like to shop for running clothes is there so I picked up a couple of new running shirts. I also went into Leclerc and bought a sweater, which makes everyone laugh at me (it’s like buying clothes at Fred Meyer, which I also have been known to do). From Atlantis, I took bus 73 to Orvault Grand Val where it intersects with Line 2 of the tramway. Having heard from Melinda that she wanted me to pick up some wine, and from Chloe who wanted me to pick up some gluten-free biscuits, I stopped in at the Leclerc there.

After dinner at the Bertail's.
After dinner at the Bertail’s.
Shopping done, I got on Line 2 and rode to Bourgeonnière, our stop when we lived in Nantes four years ago. I exited there and walked to the Bertail’s. Melinda, who had spent the day shopping with Christine, had just arrived with Chloe and Ella. We had been invited to dinner.

Now I’m back in our hip apartment at the end of the day, ready to pronounce it all as good. Very good.

Your thoughts?

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