29 July 2015 : Christine (sans Melinda) & Ella Day One

ChristineI took this photo less than 30 minutes ago. My plan was to capture both Christine AND Melinda, but the part of the picture that had Melinda’s face would not meet with her approval for publication (yes, I value not incurring Melinda’s wrath). So I cropped it to just include Christine. Well, technically, Melinda is in the picture, too. Those are her hands holding her iPad.

After enjoying the delicious shrimp & corn salad I made for dinner, the two friends relaxed on lounge chairs in the backyard, what I saw as a photo opportunity. Why they needed a blanket when it’s been super hot in Seattle today, I don’t know (Bérnard, ask C & C about their trip to the Lake Washington with Melinda).pants

Soon after I had taken the upper picture, we all chatted with Ella who was home early from her first day of classes. She sounds great and excited, and now has Day One behind her. In typical Ella positive fashion, she told us how nice everyone is. In terms of a photo, I present this one of the bottom half of her school clothes, another of the selfies she sent out yesterday.

Your thoughts?

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