31 July 2015 : Mixcloud

If I had a good photo I’d focus today’s post on the fact that Melinda, Christine, Chloe & Celeste spent the afternoon on paddleboards on Lake Washington. Courtesy of Chloe’s maternal grandparents (Melinda’s parents), Chloe is a member of the Seattle Yacht Club. Among the many privileges of being a yacht club member is being able to check out the club’s paddleboards. Earlier this week, Chloe rented four for this afternoon. Count up the people – Melinda (1), Christine (2), Chloe (3), Celeste (4), and you get the picture. In the nearly 100 degree day in Seattle, they stayed cool. But they did not have a camera; in other words, no photo.

AndyHeadphonesMe, I TRIED to stay cool while responding to email, setting up some things related to my work on the subject of kindness, and otherwise kept things tidy for PSCS and at home. Not too exciting. Well, other than me setting up a music streaming account at Mixcloud, hence today’s title and that funky photo above.

Meanwhile, in Portland at OCI Ella had her first day as a server. Ho hum, another day for Ms. Ella Shaw and her moving forward in the world of culinary arts. Say, if you’re in Portland in the next month you should get dinner at OCI some weekday night. Ella just may be your server!

Your thoughts?

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