3 August 2015 : Christine Likes Orcas

SquamishSo we were all just sitting around after dinner tonight, Melinda, Chloe, Christine, Celeste and me, enjoying an after-dinner cocktail (a Ricard Lemon Drop, for those of you scoring at home). The conversation centered on a plan for tomorrow evening in which we’d all take the ferry to Bainbridge Island in time to come back at sunset, something that affords some pretty incredible views. I happened to mention a time not too long ago in which Melinda and I were on a ferry and saw some orcas. Christine lit right up.

Christine likes orcas.

Chloe then commented about the time in Squamish back in March, 2014 when a pod of orcas cornered some dolphins while she was at school. She said it was a huge deal and even prompted the marine biology instructor to send all of her students to the waterfront to observe. Here’s a YouTube video of the event.

Anyway, Chloe moved us all over to the computer so she should show us what she knew. Christine was entranced.

Your thoughts?

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