12 August 2015 : Fish Astronaut

I *met* Fish Astronaut back in 2011 while my family was living in France.

CG16-0015-fishI say *met* because Fish and I have never met in person. We met online because he and I have similar musical tastes. We both connected to a social network site called last.fm (in fact, go check out my profile) and were directed to each other. I “friended” him and then saw his great artistry. I asked if he’d illustrate one of my online kindness classes. He quickly agreed. See that first collaboration here.

In the last 4+ years, Fish has provided dozens and dozens of images for Melinda’s and my Kind Living project. A couple of years ago, Jon Ramer, founder of the Compassion Games, asked if he could use some of Fish’s images to help promote the annual games. Fish again complied. Yesterday, Fish sent me 10 new images for the upcoming games (they start on September 11th and I facilitate something called The Secret Agent of Compassion) to go along with 5 he had sent earlier.

I present one of these new images tonight so YOU can admire Fish’s artistry.

Does Fish have a name other than Fish Astronaut? If he does, I don’t know it.

Your thoughts?

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