12 September 2015 : Lynn’s 50th

Lynn's 50thMelinda and I went to our friend Lynn Shelton’s 50th birthday today. Without question, this is one of the most inspired birthday parties I’ve ever been to. Lynn asked the guests to bring a potluck item, food or beverage, instead of a gift. She somehow secured an incredible place, the Fremont Abbey where Melinda and I have seen some wonderful local bands perform. She got a number of local musicians to perform a song or two. And in many of these cases, Lynn got up on stage and sang with the band, thus fulfilling what I assume has been one of her life’s wishes.

Party Invitation (click to enlarge)
Party Invitation (click to enlarge)
I say this because Lynn has an amazing singing voice. Her lead on the Johnny Cash classic “Jackson” was stunning. She also led all of the attendees in a fun sing-along version of “The Octopus’s Garden.” I took this photo of Lynn singing with Kevin Murphy of the band The Moondoggies.

In case you didn’t make the connection. Lynn has gained a fair amount of fame the last several years as a movie writer and director. She also has made the switch to directing for TV programs, with directorial credits on such shows as “Mad Men,” “New Girl,” and “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Side note – Find today’s secret mission, the second in the eleven day Compassion Games, here.

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