24 September 2014 : No Picture!

I don’t have a picture to accompany today’s post, the first time I’ve ever tried to get away with this. And on a day in which so much happened…

– Chloe had several friends over for dinner, many of whom came into town because one of their college friends tragically died on Sunday in a mountain climbing accident. It’s just not right for 21 and 22 year-olds to have to deal with the emotions and tragedy involved in one of their close friends dying.

– Celeste has been working hard on a specific homework assignment having to do with a transcendent experience. She’s supposed to express in 250-300 English words an experience that is causing her to expand a paradigm, as if being a French teenager in the United States doesn’t cause her to do this on a moment-to-moment basis.

– And here we are on a day in which one of the most tragic traffic accidents in the city’s history took place, on a road in which Melinda and I were driving three hours earlier.

I have no picture to post but many pictures in my head…

Your thoughts?

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