29 September 2015 : FaceTime & B-99

So now that the new TV season has started, Ella and I really miss each other. I mean, geez, yes, we’ve missed each other since she moved to Portland in July (well, I can only really say that I’ve missed her…). But now that our favorite shows are back on, it’s hit a critical point.B99-01

For instance, on Sunday night, one of our favorite shows, one that we’d watch together every week last year in the comfort of our home, returned from its summer break.

That’s Brooklyn 99, the funny cop show on Fox. Now we’ve never watched it on Sunday night when it airs, well, because we don’t have regular TV at our house. But we would watch it, typically, on Monday nights on Hula Plus which is connected to our TV through our Roku B99-02(if that sounds like some foreign language, you may want to put your VCR away and work on moving into the 21st century). We’ve long had plans to continue this tradition this fall, with each of us watching the show and chatting via text or FaceTime.

And that’s what we did last night, we watched the first episode of the new season “together,” Ella in Portland and me in Seattle. We even each sent the other a screenshot from our phones, each of the photos now immortalized here.

That’s sweet!

Your thoughts?

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