4 October 2015 : The Tsunamis Get Their First Win!

Soccer Action IIIAndy Smallman here, reporting from the pitch where today the LVR Tsunamis gained their first victory of the season with a decisive 4-1 romping over the visiting Hillwood Fusion. The game was fairly even for the first ten minutes before the Tsunamis broke through with their first goal. The center forward hit a solid shot that was mishandled by the Fusion keeper and dribbled into the net. Clearly, this was an icebreaker for the Tsunamis as they had been blanked in their first two matches. The early goal buoyed the girls (yes, that play on words was intentional) who soon thereafter got another.Soccer Action I

Speaking of their second goal, just moments earlier Coach Rob had substituted in his international designated player, the French girl Celeste Bertail (in blue with the orange shoes). Celeste was standing near the teammate who tallied the second goal. And when the ball hit the back of the net, Celeste was seen to jump in the air and clap. Although this reporter was not in hearing range, it would not surprise him to learn that Celeste let out an exuberant, “Indeed!” after the goal, and the 2-0 lead, took place.

Moments later, however, Coach Rob had to instruct Celeste on where to place herself on the field after a goal and in preparation for the opposing team’s kick-off. Playing forward at the time, it looked to surprise Celeste to learn she had to be on the Tsunami side of the midfield stripe at this point.Soccer Action II

The second half looked similar to the first with the Tsunamis getting their third goal before the Fusion finally tallied one of their own. A late fourth goal for the Tsunamis wrapped up this fine match.

An hour or so after the game, Celeste was still basking in the glow of her team’s first win while on her way to meet a new school friend at a local public library. She was heard wondering aloud if she’ll be able to find a team in France when she returns to Nantes in December.

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