12 October 2015 : 5 Years Ago Today

02Five years ago today, I was having one of my highlight days of the French sabbatical. Not only was the weather beautiful, it was opening day of the horse race season at the Nantes racetrack. Add in that the racetrack was a 10 minute walk from our front door just added to the magic of that year.P1020361.JPG

I remember the day very well (and you can, too, by visiting this blog entry I wrote five years ago today). It was a typical Tuesday in that I went with Ella to her school, walked home, and then bided my time as I waited for the right time to head to the track. When I finally decided to leave, I brought along my camera and took a bunch of pictures (so many that my photo archive for the sabbatical includes a special file of photos from this day). P1020447.JPGI walked along the exterior fence and soon came to where the horses had arrived and were being stabled for the day. I got more and more excited. Reaching the front gate, I paid my way in and then reveled in the glory of spending a day at the races.

In my daily sabbatical blog entries I followed the protocol of posting only a single image each day. I have no such restriction now, hence a slew of photos from back then.

On a side note to Christine and Bérnard, opening up this photo archive presented an opportunity tonight to reminisce with Celeste over some photos of her and your house. Look for some of those to appear here soon.

Your thoughts?

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