18 October 2015 : Burgers With Ella

So I drove down to Portland yesterday morning after having dropped Melinda & Celeste at the airport. They flew to San Francisco to spend a few days with Melinda’s cousin. More on their trip tomorrow. For now, it’s about burgers with Ella in Portland!

Burger ISo, yes, I drove to Portland, arriving just past 11am. After helping Ella get a few things organized in her apartment, we hoofed it to Little Big Burger on 23rd, a few blocks from her place. She’s wanted me to try one of these tall but small burgers (get it, little big?) and it did not disappoint. Following her lead, I added bacon and together we had a fine lunch. We followed this with a walk to her school, Ella guiding me on the walking path she favors so I can picture it when I’m chatting with her.

Arriving at her school, we heard a sports announcer over a loudspeaker coming from the high school nearby, so we wandered over and watched three quarters of a football game featuring two teams made up of what we think were 5th and 6th graders. The visiting team had it all their way, ahead 38-6 when we left. Ella’s favorite player was the tiny quarterback, #32 for the home team. Under center, he leaned lower than some of the linemen.

After that, we did some grocery shopping, caught up on Flash, our favorite TV show, and then went to the Pearl District for dinner. We located Tilt, another burger joint, a place we think Melinda wouldn’t want to visit. Burger IIIn other words, this was our chance. I ordered something called a Mad Andy (?!) which included the burger, blue cheese, a fried egg, an onion ring, and jalapeno peppers. It was dark inside so our photo is a bit blurry, but hopefully you get the picture.

After dinner we want to Powell’s and bought a couple of books, a Patricia Polacco kid’s story called “Gifts of the Heart” and a graphic novel about the Flash TV show. We took the bus back to Ella’s place, read the Polacco book then watched a little TV before calling it a night.

Burgers, The Flash, Ella… That’s a perfect Saturday night, you know, especially with Melinda away.

Your thoughts?

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