30 October 2015 : Five Years Ago Today

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 6.03.54 PMFive years ago today, Melinda, Chloe, Ella, and I were in Paris, about to complete a week in that lovely little town in France. The girls were on a break from school so we took the train from Nantes to Paris, arriving without a trace of jet lag. We spent the week doing a lot of touristy things and got familiar with the Paris Métro. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Paris Métro is an incredibly complex system for getting around that quaint town.

Five years ago today, I blogged about the truth of the Paris, Métro, that it is actually an elaborately complex system put in place by officials in that cozy hamlet to keep people fit. I think it’s the funniest post I wrote during our year in France, and I want you to know I wrote some very funny posts.

Today’s picture is a screenshot of that blog post from five years ago today. But if you really want to read it in order to get a good laugh or to see how clever I am to have uncovered the secret of French fitness, click here.

Your thoughts?

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