20 November 2015 : Balls

balls copySo at PSCS I convene and facilitate a weekly activity called “Boys Group,” an opportunity for students who identify as male to come together and talk. Lots of people jokingly assume that all we talk about it is, well, the body part considered uniquely male. This week, the boys played on that theme, but by talking about which “ball” would be the best or worst to be.

They started with things more sports-oriented, like a football or a baseball. They figured it would be better to be a football because people are always fighting to have you. A baseball, they said, is regularly being hit by a bat.

By the end of the discussion, they had considered things like a crystal ball (good!) and a gumball (bad!). They created a spectrum of the balls they talked about, and I took this photo to document the experience, suggesting it would be a fun one to include in the community-wide slideshow at the end of the year. They thought the photo should be taken without anyone smiling, tough guys that they are…

Click on the photo to enlarge it and get a better look at their spectrum.

Your thoughts?

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