25 June 2016 : Organizing

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 12.18.22 PMFor those of you who receive email messages every time I post to this blog, please take note. I’m going to be moving posts I placed on my French Sabbatical blog to this blog as part of some archiving I’m doing of personal items. I have roughly two years of posts to move over and it will take some time. And I think you’ll get an email message each time I do it, hence this, um, warning. When I’m done, the sabbatical blog will be left with just the posts from the sabbatical, which I prefer.

Once this work is done, which I hope to complete over the next two weeks, I’ll be ready to start posting here regularly again. Hooray! Right?!

2 thoughts on “25 June 2016 : Organizing

  1. So is this reposting going to be in Kindness blog or what? They are all going into my junk file because of the address.

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Mom


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