12 July 2016 : Leclerc

So there are several things about being in Nantes that help me feel like I’m at home. A big one happens to be visiting the huge store called E. Leclerc. imageThere is a Leclerc at the end of Line 2 where Melinda and I did a lot of our grocery shopping during the sabbatical. And there is another near the Boudeau’s house that I am very familiar with. The third is a bit further out, but I would visit upon occasion. Of course, there are others, but these three are the most known by me.

Yesterday, Christine took Melinda and me out to the one at the end of Line 2, what I would refer to as “our” Leclerc. I have to say, it was a slightly sad experience for me. It’s undergoing a huge remodeling and the store did not look at all like it did 6 years ago, at least by my standards. And during the remodel, they are not selling clothes….

Where am I to buy my boxers if not at Leclerc?

Today, I was lucky enough to be at Leclerc #3 and I’m thrilled to say that it has not changed. The annoying repetitive audio commercial is still playing, the overhead lights are still as bright, and I not only found my favorite boxers, I got two sweaters that I was hoping to find.

Melinda, well, she’s just embarrassed that I buy my clothes at the grocery store.

One thought on “12 July 2016 : Leclerc

  1. I remember Dad and I bought something there that wasn’t ‘grocery’ too. Darn, six years is too long ago.

    BTW Could you sign Dad up to get this so I don’t have to forward it. Thanks.

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