15 July 2016 : No Words For a Title

Laurent in Nantes last night at the fireworks show.
Laurent in Nantes last night at the fireworks show.
It almost feels unfair to be enjoying such a wonderful vacation in France with the tragedy that unfolded in Nice last night. At the same time people were being harmed in Nice, we were standing in a closed road in Nantes watching the fireworks celebration with thousands of others. Families with small children and just people out celebrating their country’s Independence Day. No words give justice to what happened last night, and to what is happening today and forever to the people directly affected.
French kids are so cute I call them puppies.
French kids are so cute I call them puppies.

Earlier yesterday, the Boudeaus took Melinda and me to the beach, a place we’d never been called Batz Sur Mer. We found a cozy sandy place to lay down some towels and soak up the sun. On the walk back to the car I snapped this picture of some children walking with an adult. French kids are so darn cute to Melinda and me, the way the hold hands and talk. They speak French, go figure. I refer to them as puppies.

As we walked from the car, we found a place that was renting paddle boards.

Melinda found paddle boards!
Melinda found paddle boards!
Understandably, it was necessary for me to take a picture of Melinda next to the sign. The person renting the boards was across the street, dozing in a chair. I’m not sure what that says about business but Melinda is trying to point out the person on a board out on the water. That water, by the way, is the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re having dinner tonight at Joel’s new apartment in Nantes. Michele, I’ll be sure to get you several pictures. For those who do not know, Joel is Frederique’s father and a close friend of Dwight and Michele, Melinda’s parents. In fact, the reason we know the Boudeaus is because of the connection between Frederique’s and Melinda’s parents.

Speaking of family, go hug someone close to you today, okay? A little more love and kindness is just what the humanity doctor is prescribing.

Your thoughts?

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