25 July 2016 : Babysitter Americaine – Update

So, apparently, a great day like today deserves three posts. So be it. I’m not following any self-imposed rules like I did during the sabbatical when it was one post with one photo per day. Now I’ll do whatever I please, which for today means three posts. And we still have a dinner to attend tonight at the home of the Porcher’s, Sandrine and Laurent.

imageAnyway, the title of this post is significant in that it represents one of the most important activities of the sabbatical, the babysitting Chloe did of Zacharie and Luce. She was hired to take care of them and familiarize them to hearing English. It was this experience that had great influence on Chloe’s undergraduate studies of the value of learning multiple languages and doing so when one is young.

Soon after we arrived in Nantes this year, I reached out to Penny, Zacharie’s and Luce’s mom, to see if they were available for a quick get-together. They were and the rendez-vous took place this afternoon in the infield of the Hippodrome. We were unable to connect with Chloe via FaceTime, but I did manage to send her some pictures as we chatted, and even got her a couple of videos. All in all, it was pretty wonderful. The kids are so sweet and Penny is so kind. She made a delicious brioche for the occasion.

I encourage you to go back in time and refresh yourself about Chloe’s connection to these kids. Start here.

Your thoughts?

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