20 May 2017 : Give and Take Garden

You may know that Melinda and I got a puppy last September. As a refresher, he is a Malti-Poo (Maltese-Poodle ) and Melinda located the breeder in Texas. So, yes, she flew to Texas last September to pick him up. And given our attraction to the politician Lloyd Bentsen who schooled Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice-presidential debate (and was from Texas), we named our puppy Bentsen.

So anyway… I regularly take the puppy Bentsen on long walks in and around our neighborhood. These range from shorter walks, which are 1-2 miles, to longer walks, which can be up to 5 miles. I see the walks as good for both of us. They get me some useful exercise and time to quiet my mind. And for Bentsen, I hope to tire him out so we can have some quieter time at home. He’s a puppy after all, and is basically a bundle of lovable energy.

A few days ago I took him for one of the shorter walks. It was early evening and we walked east on NE 60th toward Bryant Elementary. If we turn right in 30th Ave NE and go down to NE 55th, we can do about a mile loop in 20-25 minutes, depending on how many things Bentsen decides he has to check out with his nose (which can be quite a few).

On this particular walk we noticed something after turning on 30th that we hadn’t seen before. You can see Bentsen in the photo here completing his olfactory inspection. This was a pretty serious review on his part, which gave me time to stop and think about what was actually being presented to us.

It was a Give and Take Garden. It said so right there on the sign.

Is this a child’s creation, something in which they are excitedly placing items for people to take with the hope that passersby will leave things? I decided this is exactly what is happening. Since I didn’t have anything to “give” on this particular walk I decided it wasn’t appropriate to “take.” But I have designs on making several stops at this garden, and am considering what to give. Your suggestions are welcome.

The garden certainly captured my attention, not to mention Bentsen’s. I think I might have to alert Rick Steves so he can put it in one of his travel guides as a Seattle landmark.

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