1 August 2017 : “i am impatient to drink with you” (part 2)

To fully get the significance of this post, you need to understand that back in the dark days of January I imagined having a drink with Laurent. I sent an email to him about this desire, along with a photo I took of me trying to toast him. He responded, echoing the desire, writing, “i am impatient to drink with you.” I loved that expression so much, I wrote a blog post about it. In that post, I said I’d love to have a t-shirt with it written on the shirt.

With that in mind, I present this photo:

The server who brought us our wine.
Now, wait, there’s more. Where we had this drink is in a bar called Le Bidule in the city of Pornichet. This is a happening place to go. You arrive and find a place to stand and very quickly a server comes to ask which wine you want. Your choices are white or red, and he is carrying them as he moves through the bar. He is also carrying these small glasses which, after you’ve made your choice, he fills to the absolute brim. The wine is sweet and the atmosphere is fun.
The front of the bar, two buddies.

Oh, part of the fun is you bring in your own munchies. We had a smorgasbord of snacks leftover after our 12 kilometer walk around the city of Le Croisic earlier in the day. More on that in another post.

One more thing, the sun came out today and we spent several hours by the Boudeau pool. They leave on their summer vacation tomorrow so this may be our last chance to sunbathe.

Your thoughts?

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