3 August 2017 : Frederique et Les Autres

“From the shores of Le Croisic in western France comes this sparkling new band that is bound to make a splash. Fronted by singer-songwriter Frederique (she goes solely by Frederique, reminding this reviewer more of a modest Cher than a flashy Madonna), the group’s sound excitedly returns us to the classic French pop of the 1960’s. With songs like “Manon is on the Phone” and “Sunday is Not for Cooking,” the band shares its take on domestic themes that anyone can relate to. But it’s the dance number “The Robot Romp” that really stands out. Featuring drummer Laurent Boudeau and bassist Melinda Shaw, the song hits a groove that dares the listener to not get up and dance.” 👍👍👍👍👍

Your thoughts?

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