5 August 2017 : Bonnebosq

It’s just about 4:30pm as I write this, 30 minutes before the start of the big 60th anniversary party for Bernard’s parents. Before heading over, Melinda and I are relaxing for a few minutes at the incredible AirBnB home at which we’re staying. It’s on the outskirts of a tiny village called Bonnebosq, one of many such villages scattered throughout Normandy. They are all picturesque and quaint, and every person we encounter is very friendly. The pace of life here is slowed way down. When driving, you pass lovely farmhouses and apple orchards, as well as horses, cows and sheep grazing in the fields. It really does feel as if you’ve gone back in time.

Late this morning we took a short walk into the main part of town. I snapped a picture (above left) of the sign along the road indicating you’ve entered the town proper. We wandered around, me snapping this selfie to give you a further sense of the place. We spent the most time in a simple grocery store, buying some eggs that we hard-boiled back at our place that we had for lunch, along with some fruit. I also bought a tiny bottle of Calvados liqueur for me to have back in Seattle.

Of unique interest, actor Yul Brynner owned property here and made it possible for the town to have a soccer field. Learn more in the photo below (click to enlarge it) that I took outside the field.

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