11 August 2017 : Sarphatipark


No, I did not sneeze, silly. Sarphatipark is the name of the park I ran in (and around and around) this morning for 30 minutes. You can, and should, learn more on Wikipedia. Below is what the park looks like from the perspective of a satellite (I assume you can locate the expanse of green space). Oh, the shaded blue area to the right is where our apartment is located.

So, yes, it was easy to get there this morning. It was a fun place to run, too, in that the trail weaves in and around a pond and a beautiful fountain. There are multiple benches and, as you can see in the image above, lots of green space. There is a workout area that has permanent installations of equipment for doing exercises like pull-ups and push-ups, among others. I was in the company of a lot of other health-minded people, the kind of thing that keeps a person incentivized.

Speaking of images, if Google Translator is to be believed, the expression in the photo to the left says, “Our Sarphatipark is a public park.” My experience bears this out.

I liked the park so much I went back and ate a picnic lunch there while Melinda and Christine went shopping.

Your thoughts?

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