14 August 2017 : The Reunion

Three big smiles!
So Melinda and I landed at SeaTac yesterday just before 2pm. Well, more accurately, the plane we were on landed. Our job was to stay seated with our seat belts fastened, our seats in their upright position, and our tray tables put away. Oh, we were also supposed to have our bags either in an overhead bin or under the seats in front of us. I’m pleased to say that we followed these instructions.

So the plane on which Melinda and I flew yesterday (is it accurate to say we flew? – we were in the air for almost 10 hours…) landed at SeaTac yesterday just before 2pm.

Mr. Casual is resting on his elbow in the car ride to get some dinner last night.
It took a bit of time to get off the plane, clear customs, get our bags, clear customs with our bags, and to walk to where Ella was waiting for us. Still, all these things considered, we got home at around 3pm. Kim, Bentsen’s caretaker for the last 3 1/2 weeks, arrived with Bentsen at 4. It was an exciting time.

Chloe came over to witness and be part of the reunion so all four of us were there when Kim brought him out of her car.He seemed to recognize being in our neighborhood first, and then quickly realized that his family was all there. Kim let him down and he ran to each of us, wagging his tail and jumping with excitement. We each held him in turn and he seemed to cry with delight. It was all very touching, to be sure. I have no photos or videos of this as we all wanted to experience it firsthand and not through a camera.

I’ve included a couple of photos here of a couple of things that took place soon after the reunion. As I hope you can see, we have a happy puppy, and four happy people.

Your thoughts?

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