15 July 2018 : Peace Wave Summit

Peace Wave Summit Interview
Last week I participated in the Peace Wave Summit on Facebook, having been invited by Jon Ramer, the founder of the Compassion Games. Over three days, Jon and his partner Sommer Albertsen presented interviews with social innovators. I was honored to be included as one of 21 people so invited.

Through tomorrow, access to all 21 interviews, including mine, is available for free via this link. You’ll see I was interview #19. After that, you’ll have to become a patron of the Compassion Games to have access, which is a way to show your ongoing support for Jon’s and Sommer’s work. I’ll be setting up something similar for Kind Living later this summer or early in the fall, something that I hope will initially cover the expenses I incur running Kind Living and ultimately lead to some regular income for Melinda, Fish Astronaut (the Kind Living illustrator), and me.

On a separate note, Melinda and I have arrived in California. We should be moving into our apartment in Berkeley on or about August 1. Right now, we’re at the home of my brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Deb, in El Granada on the coast. On Tuesday we head over to Melinda’s cousin Tracy’s house in Redwood City. More soon, I promise.

Last thing – Please think about joining in on the 10 weeks of kindness themes I’m promoting this summer, mainly on Facebook. If you’re not a Facebook user, you can get the themes via email each Sunday via the Kind Living blog. This week’s theme is to surprise someone. Note the sign-up link at the bottom of the post.

One thought on “15 July 2018 : Peace Wave Summit

  1. We have tried everything to see this and cannot get it to happen. What are we doing wrong? Mom


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