Support a Small Business #2 – Gift Cards

(Folks, small businesses that have had to close temporarily or desperately scramble to think of new income streams need our help during the pandemic. I’m promoting those I love and those recommended to me by others here on my personal blog. If you have means or your income stream has not been significantly reduced, I hope you are moved to assist. Supporting these businesses not only provides them with needed income, doing so also offers them concrete encouragement and inspiration. –Andy)

Here’s a way you can support a Seattle-area business that is experiencing a major downturn in business – purchase a gift card! Gift cards give businesses an immediate influx of money without having to provide the service right away.

For instance, purchasing a gift card to a restaurant provides them cash they need now. Once the restaurant reopens for business, you can go in and use your gift card.

Here’s a list of Seattle-area businesses that provide customers the opportunity to buy a gift card through Square. Click on the link and scroll through to find a business you’d like to support. Then click the “Buy Gift Card” link and follow the prompts. To find a different city, go to this link.

I’m aware of this because I use Square to bill my consultancy clients.

Your thoughts?

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