December 18, 2020 – A Little Girl’s Christmas Credo

Pardon the misspellings.

Actually, don’t pardon the misspellings. They are part of the charm of this essay that Ella, my daughter, whose 24th birthday it is TODAY, wrote when she was in 3rd grade. The essay is called “What I blevin!”

If you haven’t figured it out, that’s “What I Believe In!” To also help you get started, Sannat Clus is Santa Claus. So, yes, this essay is about believing in Santa Claus (I’ve translated the essay below for those who have difficulty with “invented spelling”).

Take a look:

What I Believe In! – 11–27–06

It’s sad that people don’t believe in Santa Claus. Once you’re at a certain age you stop believing. But I know that people do believe in but they don’t say because they’re trying to be cool. When they’re not. If you believe in Santa you are a lot happier because the joy of him is so big that you just have to believe in him because you feel so good. My questions are how old is he? How did he become Santa? Why does he give presents?

For Andy!
by Ella Smallman Shaw

2 thoughts on “December 18, 2020 – A Little Girl’s Christmas Credo

  1. Dear Andy!

    Thank you for sending this post!

    I am also born on Dec. 18, and I can easily relate to the awareness your daughter Ella had at 7 years old. Thank you for sharing this very encouraging post. Happy Birthday to Ella from Lynne Parta.

    Did you know that the letter value in Hebrew for Life, and the number 18 are the same? So 18 means LIFE. We are blessed with Life, and Light and Love, and that resets the mindset. Thank God for all that goodness! May we use these gifts wisely, and grow with the tree of Life. There are many branches, but the roots go deep, to the Source of the Fountain of Life. We thirsty souls need that living water. I will forward a wonderful discussion with Carolyn Myss in the next email. Thank you for your words that show kindness, Andy! They always are blessings.

    – Lynne Parta

    1. And a happy birthday to you, Lynne. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. About 18 meaning LIFE, I did not know and appreciate the new knowledge. Thanks again, –Andy

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