eBay Kindness

I’ve been on eBay since 1997, which seems like a pretty long time ago, 24 years to be precise. If you go back 24 years in the other direction, it would be 1973 and that is a REALLY long time ago…

Anyway, several years ago I was trying to amass a collection of DVDs released as part of something called the Spiritual Cinema Circle. I found the films they curated to be inspirational and have long appreciated short films, several of which were included on their DVDs they sent to subscribers each month.

I noticed that an eBay seller had posted several that I was missing, all at reasonable “Buy it Now” prices. I snatched them up, one by one, a total of 9 individual purchases, each with its own shipping price.

Within a couple of hours, I had been refunded $10 by the seller who was under no obligation to do this. I wrote her a note of appreciation and mentioned the other DVDs I was missing. This was her response to me:

“Hi Andy… I believe deeply that what is given with clear intention and a grateful heart will return a thousand-fold. Spiritual Cinema Circle 2009 Volume 11 featuring “The Shift” with Wayne Dyer will be mailed to you tomorrow via First Class Mail and you should have it in days as my gift to you. Be blessed and know that your kindness created this reality of receiving a gift. And I am enriched by the opportunity of receiving your payment and then giving a gift to you as well.”

I admit, I didn’t go on eBay in search of an act of kindness, but this experience pointed out to me that such acts are there. It also indicated to me that kind acts are everywhere — we just need to program our minds to recognize them.

One way to help with this is to complete some kind acts ourselves.

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Your thoughts?

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