“Shore Leave” – Tom Waits (From the Archives)

(I’ve started reviewing the history of posts on this site and am kind of flabbergasted by how much is here. I’ve decided to occasionally re-post something that stands out for me, like this unique post promoting a great Tom Waits song. His creativity and individuality continue to inspire me. The original post was nearly 10 years ago on March 25, 2012. –A)

“Just to capture the mood more than anything of a Merchant Marine or whatever walking down the wet street in Hong Kong and missing his wife back home. … I imagined this Chinese pinwheel in a fireworks display spinning, spinning, spinning and turning and then slowing down. As it slowed down it dissolves into a windmill in Illinois. … Where a woman is in the living room sleeping on a chair with the television on. When he’s having eggs at some crummy little joint, you know, thousands of miles away.” –Tom Waits

Shore Leave lyrics

Today’s Prompt: Provide a link to one of your favorite songs or musicians.

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