Support a Small Business #1 – Lady Yum

(Folks, small businesses that have had to close temporarily or desperately scramble to think of new income streams need our help during the pandemic. I’m promoting those I love and those recommended to me by others here on my personal blog. If you have means or your income stream has not been significantly reduced, I hope you are moved to assist. Supporting these businesses not only provides them with needed income, doing so also offers them concrete encouragement and inspiration. –Andy)

Lady Yum is a small, woman-run business in the Seattle area. Founded by Megan Wagstaff and quoting from the company website:

“At Lady Yum, we bring the magic of the PNW to life through our delectable macarons, champagne, wines and artisanal products from the area’s most adventurous and passionate makers. We hope your Lady Yum experience awakens your inner child, shows you how enchanting life in this city can be, reminds you how much there is to be thankful for and inspires you to find the rabbit in your hat. Because that, my friends, is where the magic happens.”

My daughter, Ella, is a baker for Lady Yum and absolutely loves her job of making macarons. The rest of the family loves that Ella works there as she often brings to us some of the broken macarons that can’t be sold (yes, we are willing to buy them, too).

Ella, like the rest of the kitchen and store staff, has had her hours significantly cut since sales have drastically diminished. To Megan’s incredible credit, she has been providing her staff thoughtful support and encouragement, telling them that their jobs are safe, giving them directions on how to file for unemployment, and even offering to help them financially if she is able. Frankly, her response to her staff is phenomenally touching, especially when you factor in the impact the pandemic is having on her dream.

This week, Megan began promoting online ordering and is offering self-determined 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% discounts on online orders in celebration of tomorrow being National Macaron Day (who knew?).

If you’re in the mood for some Lady Yum macarons (and, c’mon, who isn’t?), head on over to this site and take a look. If you decide to order, use any of the following codes to get a discount:
TAKE 10 – 10% off
TAKE 20 – 20% off
TAKE 30 – 30% off
TAKE 40 – 40% off

Keep in mind that the macarons being delivered to you will have been made by Ella and her fellow bakers AND that you will be supporting a Seattle-based small business.