Day 5 (5 July 2010) – Travel Day

Well, we left Seattle at 4:30pm on July 4, but we traveled east and lost 9 hours along the way, ultimately arriving in Nantes at 6:15pm on July 5. So I’m tallying the 5th as a travel day and including a picture of a fortune I got on Saturday. I was waiting for Melinda while she was doing some last minute shopping in downtown Seattle and went for a snack & a beer at P.F. Chang’s. They gave me a fortune cookie as I was leaving. Pretty apt, eh?

Oh, about the travel day… The way we flew (northeast from Seattle over Canada to Iceland) we were never outside of daylight. So from the moment we woke up in Seattle on July 4 until late in the day in Nantes on July 5 it was daytime for us. I found that pretty fascinating.