Day 21 (21 July 2010) – Tour De France

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It was an exciting moment today in the Tour de France as we were fortunate to catch the leaders on their way to Pornichet from their apartment this morning. Our crack photographer was in position to snap this picture just outside of the city. Leader Ella seems to be in complete control as you can plainly see from the expression on her face. While she is undoubtedly working hard as she rounds this bend, the glint in her eye indicates that she is simply toying with the competition. Laboring just behind her is Chloe who, with full basket, appears to be pedaling hard to stay within drafting distance of the front-runner. We believe that is Melinda who completes the trio and is sitting high in the saddle, a posture that typically indicates fatigue. Goodness knows that at this point in the race many a rider has shown signs of tiring. One can only hope that the croissants at the end of today’s stage sustained these impressive riders as they soldier through another tough stage of the race.

That’s all for now. This is Andy Smallman, signing off from Pornichet, France, where the weather has been perfect and the riding conditions ideal. The beach and the pool have been equally refreshing, and the meals and beverages dubbed first rate, for all involved.