Day 51 (20 August 2010) – Thinking of Ravenna Park

When we moved in to our Seattle home in August of 1998 I was thrilled to discover the many trails in Ravenna Park just a few steps from our front door. I thoroughly enjoyed heading out to explore them that August, sometimes with toddler Ella on my back. I’ve been doing the same kind of exploring in Nantes this August, venturing out for long walks and using the knowledge I gain from them to piece together in my head a map of the city. No, Ella has not been on my back but she has accompanied me for some of the walks, powered by her own legs & feet.

On Wednesday night we made dinner for Christine, Bernard and Celeste and during dinner I commented how I had found a shortcut path to both the library and a useful bus stop. I asked Bernard about the trail I found and he pointed out that there was another path, even shorter from our house, I could use. This path had a little wooden footbridge over the creek. Of course I set out Thursday morning to find it, and did so easily enough. Upon arrival at the bridge, I snapped this picture. I also took a few others of the path and one of a tree covered in ivy, all eerily familiar despite me seeing them for the first time.

Back home I told Melinda about it, how excited I was to have found and learned the trails near our house. Significantly, I told her I was reminded of Ravenna Park and when we first moved to Seattle.

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One thought on “Day 51 (20 August 2010) – Thinking of Ravenna Park

  1. I love walking around in Ravenna Park as well — remember when we did grandkid pictures in the park!? That was so fun 🙂 I thought I might as well go ahead and be the first to comment, seeing as I’m the most important. So here you go 🙂 Love you guys!

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