Day 54 (23 August 2010) – The Big Day

For Melinda and me, today was a big day in Nantes. Tramway Line #2, the one the runs so close to our house and makes it ever so easy to get around, re-opened. You may recall that part of the line had been closed for maintenance work. We found it more than coincidental that the work began on July 5, the same day we arrived in Nantes.

We had this college kid idea to be up and out the door early in order to be on the first tram of the day. You know, like sleeping outside the ticket window to be the one first to get Springsteen tickets. But that plan was laid to rest when we stayed up pretty late last night and then heard the steady rain coming down this morning. Still, after getting a few errands done around the house we took off just before 1pm and rode the #2 into town for lunch. I know it’s not going to sound significant and may even sound a little silly, but we were so excited to get on the tram by our house and not get off again until centre ville. We found a quaint little café and the two of us were soon sitting in these big cozy chairs eating our sandwiches, each sipping a glass of wine. I snapped this picture of Melinda’s first sip, a minute or two after commenting that the PSCS staff is all working today.

This toast is to you, PSCS staff. Merci beaucoup!

Your thoughts?

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