Day 58 (27 August 2010) – FC Nantes Match!

I’m posting later than I normally do because I wanted to wait until we got home tonight from the soccer game we attended. Yesterday, Laurent emailed me to ask if we’d like to go see FC Nantes play Vannes OC tonight. Of course we did! When I asked the girls if they wanted to go, Chloe answered very quickly with an emphatic yes. This was on our Top 5 list of things to do in Nantes. And given the result, FC Nantes may want us to return. They won 2-0.

The victory is significant in that the team hasn’t played very well so far this year. If I understood Laurent correctly, this was their third game at home and the first in which they scored. And we got a great view of the first goal. We were sitting just behind the net and the goal came off of a well-orchestrated corner kick. I must also compliment Romain who correctly predicted the outcome as we were walking into the stadium.

Speaking of the stadium, it seats upwards of 45,000 but probably had 10-15,000 in attendance, a reflection of the team’s recent performance. Still, we had an absolute blast and intend to return. Today’s photo shows Chloe & Ella from behind and our unobstructed view of the game.

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