Day 79 (17 September 2010) – Exhibit of What?

Regular readers of this blog will recognize I have a “thing” for French fire hydrants. It’s true, I think they’re sexy. Apparently, though, I’m not the only one who is taken by them. While walking in the center of Nantes the other day, Melinda discovered a street exhibition devoted to, yep, you guessed it, fire hydrants. She could hardly wait to share it with me.

We visited not just once, but twice. I think I took more photos of it than I did of the Nantes racetrack. Heck, I may have taken more photos of it than there are photos displayed in it. But what a wonderful thing. As I said weeks ago, the French know how to take something like a fire hydrant and make it visually appealing (read: sexy). Note, I would have included the photo of a hydrant that looks more like a boy but I know this blog attracts some young readers and, well, you know, it just didn’t seem appropriate. To see that kind of thing, check your IDs and go here (it’s the second to last photo, btw).

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