Day 81 (19 September 2010) – Nantes Heritage Days

I began the weekend watching cartoons and eating Frosted Flakes. And I ended it learning something about the incredible history of Nantes. In case you didn’t recognize it, that’s quite a contrast. Perhaps I am becoming more cultured (although that does make me sound a bit like yogurt or something better suited for a petri dish).

Yesterday Laurent and Frédérique emailed to ask if we wanted to head into town with them today to participate in “Les Journées du patrimoine” (what Google translates as Heritage Days). They sent us a link of activities and suggested we look it over and select some that interested us. This proposal ended up being more difficult than it sounds so we tossed it back to them to choose, which they did. They picked us up in the Taxi Boudeau and off we went.

Today’s photo was taken inside the Cercle Cambronne, specifically one of its reception rooms which has been kept faithful to the way it looked in the 18th century when it was part the apartments of General Pierre Cambronne who fought with Napoléon (and is mentioned, I believe in Les Misérables!). Melinda and Frédérique may be pointing the way to the exit, telling me to leave because I was taking too many pictures or something.

We waited in line for an hour to get in and then listened to the history of the apartments, moving from room to room. Melinda was completely transfixed, understanding most of the French being spoken. Me, I learned that there is something significant about the mirrors. My problem is that as soon as I understand something being said in French I start getting all self-congratulatory. I’m so busy being proud of myself that I forget to listen to what else is being said. So once I was able to translate the word mirror, I was too busy doing internal cartwheels to know what made them so special.

Hmmm… I wonder if I do that in English.

6 thoughts on “Day 81 (19 September 2010) – Nantes Heritage Days

  1. That is a funny post, about the internal cartwheels and forgetting to pay attention to the rest. Indeed funny.

  2. By the look of your clothes, the weather is still nice and toasty in Nantes land. Ha, not in Seattle, it is still pouring down nonstop, Green Lake is grey, just like the sky. Gloomy Sunday.

    1. Yes, it’s been a gorgeous weekend. Clear skies and lovely, what I recall from my youth as being “shirt-sleeve weather.”

  3. I do believe you belong in a petri dish ! It is evident that the ‘police brought you’ since you couldn’t be related to me.

  4. You are very silly in these posts. I agree with your smart older daughter on this account but I also think you are funny! Silly funny is cool on many levels …

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