Day 83 (21 September 2010) – The First Day of Fall

Today’s photo was taken by Melinda less than an hour ago. It’s 80 degrees here in Nantes today with a picture perfect blue sky. I’ve spent the last couple of hours by and in the pool. At one point Melinda looked over and said to me, “Do we deserve this?”

We decided the answer was yes, in case you were wondering, although that does involve pinching ourselves every now and then.

I’ve mentioned that I’m intending to read all of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels while on sabbatical. I’ve nearly finished my fifth, Slapstick, and yesterday ordered two more from I think I may run out of Vonnegut novels… Days like this by the pool find me reading pretty fast.

Anyway, it’s been a lovely, lovely day, with more still to come. I’m about to head over to John’s house, the Scotsman who lives nearby and treated us to a wonderful dinner a couple of Saturdays ago. John wants to explain the game of Snooker to me. There is a championship of some kind being televised and he has a table. Then tonight after work, Frédérique and Laurent are coming over for a late evening swim and light dinner. And in short order the neighborhood children, including Ella, will be getting home from school. I’ve left the pool open for them.

Oh, I’ve been having a great time facilitating my three online kindness classes. I’m getting new “friends” on Facebook because of it and just started an email exchange with an English teacher in Belgium who wants to use the Practice of Kindness class with his ESL students. Fun stuff!

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