Day 94 (2 October 2010) – Hockey Night in France!

When I was a kid and fall had begun I could hardly wait for Saturdays, specifically 5pm. As the weekend grew closer I would start calculating the number of hours until that 5pm time. Having determined that number, I would use it to calculate backwards in time to consider how long ago that number of hours felt. For instance, if it was 2pm on Thursday (which meant I was likely bored out of my mind in school), there were 51 hours until 5pm on Saturday. And 51 hours prior to that would be 11am on Tuesday (and I was probably bored out of my mind in school). How long did it feel, from 11am Tuesday until this moment, 2pm Thursday? That’s how much time I needed to endure until 5pm Saturday. Get it?

You see, 5pm on Saturday was the highlight of my week. It’s when Hockey Night in Canada aired in the Seattle market. It was my one opportunity each week to see a live NHL game. My world stopped for that 3 hour broadcast, whereupon at 8pm on Saturday the calculations in my head would start warming up again.

Imagine not just my surprise but the incredulity I experienced when I learned that Nantes has a professional ice hockey team. And today, Saturday, at 5:30pm (I can forgive the 30 minute delay) was the first game. On top of that, the arena is along Line 2 of the tram; in fact, just 4 stops from our house. Tickets are only 5€.

Nantes played Orléans. It was an absolute blast to attend the game. Chloe went with me and I think she was a bit embarrassed by how excited I was. The game was completely entertaining, despite Nantes losing to an undermanned Orléans team 4-2. The officiating was, in a word, unique. Only two on-ice officials, neither with a referee’s armband but both calling penalties. And call penalties they did. And after the Zamboni cleared the ice during both intermissions, this absolutely cute little kid couple came out and figure skated.

I know my mother, father and brothers will appreciate this link (well, my family along with every single Canadian) but I encourage anyone who wants to know a little part of my story to visit it. Perhaps it will make no sense. If so, don’t try to make any out of it. I mean, how much do you want to understand somebody who does crazy hour computations in his head and is giddy over ice hockey? To which I say, “da da da-da da, Da Da Da-Da Da, DA DA DA-DA DA Daaaa… Live on CBC, Hockey Night in Canada! Brought to you by…”

6 thoughts on “Day 94 (2 October 2010) – Hockey Night in France!

  1. What fun! What memories! I often joined you watching. I had fun clicking on your references. I watched the whole interview with the Nantes president of the Nantes hockey team. I think he said it was the twelfth season and I’m sure he and all the players interviewed told how they are going to have a great season. The interviewer asked very long questions. And of course the theme of Hockey Night in Canada is unforgettable. I’m sure you recognized all the players starting with Gretzky. Great fun. Maybe we can go to a game while we are visiting??

  2. Andy … Hockey Night in Canada! You took me right back to my childhood Sat. nights when my dad listened to hockey on the RADIO in our living room with my mom and me sitting nearby, mom rolling my just shampood tresses in rags so overnight they’d turn into “ringlets” … special for Sunday School! Can’t say i remember the hockey broadcasts with a whole lotta fondness, but my dad sure enjoyed ’em …
    He shoots … he scores!
    Enjoy your local team … live! much better than radio.

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