Day 98 (6 October 2010) – My Homework Assignment

First, I hereby dedicate this post to my father who, along with my mother, will be arriving in Nantes in a month. In preparation for his (their) visit, I have some serious homework to complete.

My assignment is to have all things figured out by the time they get here regarding the Nantes racetrack which, if you are regular reader of my blog you will know, is just a short walk from our house. As part of my studies, I took a slight detour last Friday on my walk home after accompanying Ella to school, pausing at the entrance of the track to take this picture, this billboard having recently been placed there. So I can cross off knowing when the race season begins.

Still to complete: I don’t know what time the races start, I don’t know how much it costs to get in, I don’t even know how one places a bet here (not that betting is important to me but it is interesting to note that I have not seen anything even resembling a “tote” board). I do think I know where to buy a Racing Form, although I doubt that’s what they’re called and I’m equally doubtful I’ll even know how to read one that well. I intend to have answers to all of these questions by the end of the day next Wednesday.

Yup, I get excited by attending soccer & hockey games and horse races. There must be some other things that excite me, too. As I figure those out, I’ll let you know. Oh, there is that thing about spending time with my family…

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