Day 105 – (13 October 2010) – 100 Days in France!

In some ways, it’s hard for us to believe that we’ve been in France for 100 days. But almost exactly to the minute, 2400 hours ago, our plane from Paris landed in Nantes. To acknowledge this centennial of sorts, I present you quick summaries of what each of us have done to this point today:

Melinda – She got up at 6am in order to try to buy Paris to Nantes train tickets for her family for when they arrive in December. Through some serious online research, Melinda determined that 6am today was the earliest point she could buy these tickets so she got up to do it. Unfortunately and perhaps due to the ongoing strikes in France, she couldn’t buy them online. So she went into town and stood in various lines all morning, finally getting the tickets (not at the lowest price she hoped, but the lowest possible). Since then, other than joining me to assist Manon with an oral presentation she has in her English class tomorrow, Melinda has been doing housework. Her day today may not be what one first thinks of for a sabbatical, but all those little chores of parenting and running a household still need to get done.

Chloe – On Wednesdays Chloe has a 4 hour babysitting job in the morning, first taking care of a 3 year-old and then adding his 10 year-old brother to the mix halfway through. Her job is to talk English to them, fix lunch, that sort of thing. After that she went to the university for her Wednesday afternoon French classes. She’s home now working on her homework and has another babysitting job from 7 to midnight.

Ella – Per usual, Ella left for school at 7:45, about 30 minutes before the sun rises here. Wednesdays is her half day so she was home for lunch. I made hot dogs and fries for her. Before tackling any homework she has for tomorrow, she spent some time online reading websites and watching videos. As I write, she is working on her Spanish (which is taught in French, of course).

Andy – I rode the tram with Ella to school then walked home, which is my typical morning M.O. I reviewed email, specifically that related to the kindness classes, before heading out to do some grocery shopping. I did some tidying up around the house before making lunch for Ella and me. With Melinda, I assisted Manon with her presentation. Then I went to the racetrack to catch the last couple of races (arriving at the point you can get in free). It was trotters today, which interests me a little less.

So there you have it – our 100th day in France! Soon up, it’s tuna, asparagus and fresh French bread for dinner. Here’s to the next 100!

2 thoughts on “Day 105 – (13 October 2010) – 100 Days in France!

  1. 100 days!! That doesn’t seem possible. Didn’t you just get there…? So have you counted how many are left, or does that feel like going in the wrong direction? 🙂

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