Day 107 (15 October 2010) – Pont de la Motte Rouge

Today’s photo is of the bridge at Motte Rouge, Motte Rouge being one of the stops along Line 2 of the tram and the bridge crossing the Erdre River in Nantes as it heads toward the center of town to connect with the Loire (check out this satellite shot – that’s the tram inside the red box and the bridge inside the white). I took this picture at approximately 8am today, having ridden with Ella to school and stayed on the tram beyond the stop for her school. She was chatting with a friend on the tram (who was inviting Ella to her birthday party in a couple of weeks!) and I wanted to pick up some baked goods (pain aux raisins) for Melinda and Chloe at a different bakery than we normally patronize. All things considered, I just kept riding.

Later in the day, Melinda and I were trying to get back home on Line 2 and had to get off at Motte Rouge. Just like yesterday, protestors had blocked the tracks, thus preventing the tram from continuing on toward our house. We walked to the next stop and caught a different tram home, remarking on how civil these protests are and how casually the people seem to experience having to exit the tram and walk 1/4 mile to the next stop. Then, once at the next stop, the city has tram officials stationed to make sure you get on the correct tram so you can continue on your way. It’s quite remarkable which is why, I guess, Melinda and I keep remarking to each other about it.

I took a call this morning from our friend from Seattle, Janet, who is in Paris. We were still hoping she could head to Nantes today. Unfortunately, the Paris to Nantes train was canceled. She heads home on Sunday so we are disappointed we didn’t get to see her.

Your thoughts?

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