Day 109 (17 October 2010) – 5 Sentences

That’s Laura, our next door neighbor, sitting next to Ella. She came over to help Ella with her history homework this afternoon. On Friday, Ella learned that she has to give an oral report in her history class tomorrow. The topic? She has to present, in French, five sentences on the founding of the United States. Interestingly enough, they are currently studying U.S. history.

Friday night Melinda and I helped Ella come up with five SIMPLE sentences in English. We then showed her how to translate them using the Google translator. But these translations often leave something to be desired, so we suggested she ask Laura to come over some time this weekend to look at her sentences and help get them to be more French-accurate. Additionally, Laura could help her with the pronunciation. So the two sat together working on this for quite a while. Melinda even recorded Laura reading the fine-tuned five sentences so Ella could listen and practice tonight, which is what she is doing now.

What do you think? Does it sound like fun, presenting five sentences in French about the founding of the United States? Anyone wanting to give it try is encouraged to post them using the comments section below. I’ll ask Laura to look them over for you.

Your thoughts?

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