Day 111 (19 October 2010) – PSCS French Class!

Today’s photo is of the family interacting tonight with a PSCS class back in Seattle (or interacting with us this morning, if you’re in the PSCS class in Seattle!). Which class? The beginning French class, of course! Judy, the facilitator, asked Chloe and Ella to tell some of the slang words they’ve learned here. We also talked about our day-to-day activities, Ella read her 5 sentence presentation she delivered in history class yesterday, and Chloe talked about her classes at the university. But I think the most fun was had when we started showing food items from our refrigerator and pantry! Who knew, other than Winnie-the-Pooh, that a jar of honey could garner such a response?

It was great fun to be “inside” PSCS, even if it was through Skype. Cameo appearances were made by various students which was great fun for all of us. Coincidentally, a photographer was on campus at PSCS taking photos for the school’s website. He came in to the French class at Judy’s request and it turns out he’s fluent in French, having worked in Paris at one time.

Thank you, PSCS, for helping Melinda and me achieve one of our passions, a year in France with our girls!

2 thoughts on “Day 111 (19 October 2010) – PSCS French Class!

  1. Well you saw them before I could bring their greetings. What a great thing to do I’m sure I will hear about it when I go in on Friday.

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